Hall   Bros   is   a   unique   enterprise   which   has   been   based   in   the Walsgrave    area    of    Coventry    for    over    eighty    years,    under    the direction   of   Bob   Hall   and   his   son,   Robert.   The   company   has   made a   major   contribution   to   housing   and   infrastructure   in   this   part   of the    city    and    the    workforce    has    been    an    integral    part    of    the community.
Welcome to Hall Bros
Hall   Bros   now    builds   for   rental   purposes only.    It    has    an    extensive    portfolio    of houses,   bungalows   and   apartments,   all of    which    are    managed    internally.    This means    that    it    is    the    firm’s    interest    to build      well      and      to      reduce      future maintenance   costs,   by   putting   a   priority   on   quality   rather   than   speed,   therefore   ensuring   that tenants have the benefit of lower costs and a more sustainable environment.
The   firm   has   a   strong   commitment   to multi-skilling.        This        has        enabled continuity      of      employment      to      be maintained   over   a   long   period   and   has ensured   that   the   experience   gained   by employees    has    covered    the    range    of general       building       operations.       The employment    of    apprentices    has    also    been    key    to    the    firm’s    ethos.    Whilst    many    larger companies   in   the   industry   stopped   taking   on   apprentices   when   times   were   difficult,   Hall   Bros continued   to   recruit   and   provide   valuable   experience   of   site   work,   providing   the   industry   with hundreds    of    trained    people    over    the    years.    Many    local    and    national    building    companies employ craftsmen who were former apprentices of the company. These   factors   are   fundamental   to   the   ethos   of   Hall   Bros   and   they   set   it   apart   in   the   landscape of the modern construction industry
Hall Bros, 2 The Square Business Centre, Manfield Avenue, Coventry, CV2 2QJ Tel: 024 7661 2121 Email: info@hallbrothers.co.uk